Adriana is a superb translator. She not only translates texts with meticulous care, but also shows great sensitivity to the varied connotations of words and sentences. She is also delightful to work with, and highly professional.

Alison Bracker, Art curator


You have really been amazing throughout all of this and we have been so impressed with everything you have done and especially your attention to detail and scholarship.

Susie Allen, Artwise


Adriana is a very thorough and dedicated translator (Italian) with great attention to detail. She is considered in her work and produces to the agreed deadlines. Above all else, she is a pleasure to work with.

Dea Vanagan, Artwise


I think you’ve done a great job with a very tricky piece of writing – I must admit my heart sank when I received the essay for the first time as I thought I would never get a decent translation.  How wrong I was!

Jenny Christensson, art curator


Adriana is an experienced English to Italian translator knowledgeable about all aspects of the subtitling process. She has a friendly attitude and outstanding professional skills. She can deliver quality under time pressure. We hope there’ll be other chances to work with Adriana in the near future.

Monica Paolillo, IT Pros


Adriana has always been very active. Her level of professionalism and flawless translations set her apart from the crowd. She’s what I call a “bulletproof” linguist.

David Garcia-Gonzalez, GoLocalise


Adriana has been translating for Usborne for many years now and I have always found her to be reliable and professional. Her work is thorough and accurate and she has a flair for translating story collections. She always respects deadlines and is a pleasure to work with.

Carla Brown, Usborne


Responsive, accurate, professional, reliable and helpful.

Kate Robinson, Hogarth Worldwide


That rare combination of creativity, craft and meticulous attention to detail; Adriana can be trusted to deliver nuanced, creative translations time and time again. Her genuine passion for language shines through in everything she does and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Catherine Barr, Frankly Fluent


Adriana is an excellent translator with an unsurpassable command of the English and Italian languages. She is a true linguist with a passion for her profession. Her translations are always extremely accurate and well researched and documented.

Prof. Jorge Díaz Cintas, University College London


Adriana delivered a very well-received workshop on transcreation, exhibiting and generously sharing her knowledge and obvious expertise on the subject. The attendees of The Translation and Localization 2016 conference praised Adriana’s workshop for its practical character, interactivity and level of professionalism. Adriana is not only a great and engaging presenter, but also a real specialist in transcreation.

Marta Stelmaszak, Wantwords, Translation and Localization Conference Organising Partner


I’d like to thank Adriana for a very enjoyable and informative subtitling course on Saturday. I learned a lot about the principles of subtitling and it was great to get some hands-on practice too. The day was well structured and Adriana pitched her teaching perfectly to the needs of the respective students, who all had different degrees of experience.

Advanced subtitling workshop participant, University College London


A quick note to thank you most sincerely for the splendid [transcreation] day you gave us last Friday. Exit polls suggest unanimous praise.

Michael Cunningham, Chartered Institute of Linguists


I’ve had very positive feedback about the transcreation workshop you did for the students last week. Many of them reported having been inspired to think about transcreation as part of their portfolio of services and all of them seemed to enjoy the exercises and discussions. Thank you!

Lindsay Bywood, University of Westminster


Adriana Tortoriello

Translator, Transcreator, Subtitler.

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